Today was the ISS day trip to Glasgow. This morning was much more successful than my morning a week ago (the oatmeal incident) as I grabbed some almonds and a granola bar. Having a snack definitely got my day started off on a better foot. Speaking of feet, my trips can’t ever seem to not have at least one mistake. Before I left my flat, one of my flatmates made me aware that it was raining outside. I took a look and it was just a light sprinkle, I thought “Should I change into boots?…. nahhhh, I’ll be fine!”  Worst. Mistake. Ever. What started at a light sprinkle turned into a steady down pour that lasted most of the day. My umbrella could not ward off all the rain and puddles and in less than 30 minutes from getting off the bus my feet were soaked. Walking around all day with wet, cold feet was not the most pleasant experience.

However, I did not want to let it ruin my time in Glasgow! So I toughed it out and ended up having a great day anyway. We went to the Cathedral (which was very beautiful), the St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art (very interesting with a lot of artifacts and information), and the Necropolis (basically the cemetery). After that we were pretty hungry so we decided to look for a place to eat lunch. We went to a little pub called Bier Halle. It was in the basement of a building and smelt like incense. I decided to go out on a limb and ordered the goat cheese salad with blood pudding! It was actually really delicious! Overall the food was really good and we all sampled each other’s food so we got to experience a variety of things.

After lunch we went to the Lighthouse which is a permanent Charles Rennie Mackintosh art exhibit. He is a very famous Scottish architect and his work is beautiful. We climbed the 146 spiral stairs to the top to get a view of Glasgow. The view was enhanced by helpful little plaques that identified the major buildings in the area.

We had about 2 hours until we had to meet back for the bus to go home so we decided to go to a little tea room called Willow. I had Ceylon tea and a scone with clotted cream and jam. The fun thing about getting tea with a lot of other people is that everyone can get a different kind and then you can sample all of them! This being said, I also got to try Ginger, Scottish Breakfast, Red Bud, Almond and Honey, as well as a rosey tasting tea. After a relaxing and enjoyable time sipping tea we loaded back on the bus and headed back to campus where I was able to change out of my soaking wet shoes.

Tomorrow I have an excursion for my next module to various sights around Stirling. Then I will be backing a small bag and heading West to the Isle of Iona for the weekend with a few friends. I hope to bring back some unique souvenirs, beautiful pictures, and great memories!

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