Highlands, hill climbing, and first assignments!

Alright, you know, you never realize how hard it is to keep a blog until you actually have to do it! I have been slacking a little bit so this post is going to update my dear readers on the events that have happened since my last post as well as inform you about upcoming events.

Okay, so last Saturday I went on a small day trip to the Highlands. I don’t have too much to say about this trip because it was mostly all a bus ride tour through the Highlands. The tour guide was very knowledgable about the history of the country though so I learned some interesting information about Scotland (including some of its bloody tales). We got to stop for lunch and pictures at Loch Ness but did not get to spend as much time as I would have liked. I order Doner Kebab for lunch and it is very similar to Gyros but it was delicious and a HUGE portion (something that isn’t very common here). It was raining all day which wasn’t that big of an issue since we weren’t walking around in it much. Overall the trip was good and I got to see some really beautiful sights.

Sunday was a more relaxed day but me and a few friends decided to go on a little walk around town and visit Cambuskenneth Abbey. It is kind of hidden in a quiet little part of Stirling but it was definitely a nice place to visit. We walked around and read about the history and took some photos. Then we headed to the grocery store for some food and came back to campus.

Monday evening was an ISS event and we walked up Dumyat Hill. The trip up took about an hour and a half and it was definitely a bit more challenging than I had expected! I really enjoyed it though and it was beautiful the entire way up. When we finally got to the top we got plenty of time to take pictures and enjoy the view. It was pretty windy at the top which was much appreciated after the trek up. Words cannot even describe the view or the experience so I will post some pictures that will hopefully help you to understand a little better.

Today is Wednesday which means the second week of classes is officially over! It has gone by petty fast and my first 2 assignments have been turned in. I had some serious stress about them because the summer program only has 2 written assignments for each course. Therefore each one is worth 50% of your grade. Jumping into an assignment without being sure of how the professor will grade you and knowing it is half your grade was very nerve-racking! But now that they are turned in I can relax and get ready to enjoy the weekend.

Tomorrow is another ISS day trip but this time we will be going to Glasgow, we leave at 7:45 am and will return around 6pm so it will be a long, busy, but fun day. This weekend I am going with a few friends on a weekend trip which should be interesting. I will post more about both of these things in the next few days! Thank you for following me and reading my posts!

2 thoughts on “Highlands, hill climbing, and first assignments!

  1. Your photos are amazing. I may be afraid to ask this, but what kind of meat is that on your plate there? Lamb? It just looks like it’s a movie set, doesn’t seem like real life to me….so beautiful. I love reading your blogs Alex and have been directing people to them, so I know other potential study abroad-ers are enjoying them too!!! Keep it up!!!

    • I think it is lamb! Like I am 98% sure it is probably lamb… but it was delicious so part of me doesn’t even care! And thank you! It is so beautiful here!

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