Sunday Orientation

Today was the official University of Stirling International Summer School Orientation and it has been a long day! We started out with a delicious breakfast that consisted of a choice of ham or sausage on fluffy rolls (I had the ham and I think the roll was some of the best bread I have ever had), muffins, pastries, fruit and yogurt parfaits (the yogurt was extremely tart, not like yogurt in America!), and of course juice, tea and coffee. Then we had informational lectures about Stirling’s history, the program, and the excursions that are included in our fees.

After all that, we had a coach tour of the city of Stirling and we got to get out and take a look around at several places including Doune Castle, Dunblane Cathedral, and Stirling Castle. Hopefully, I will get to go back and explore these places more extensively. I also got to see some amazing landscapes on the drive, pictures will be posted soon.

Tonight Psychology of Evil, one of my modules, met for a pre-class meeting to hand out the schedule and introduce ourselves. I have 3 instructors for the course but only got to meet 2 of them. They are both women who seem smart, funny, and passionate about psychology. Although the course looks like it has a lot of work (mostly reading) that needs to be done outside of class it seems like it will be very interesting.

My classes start tomorrow and I have both of my modules back to back from 9-10 and then 10-12 but I am ready and very willing to jump right into them. After that I have the day free to use however I please. As part of the summer program all of us get FREE membership to the Stirling fitness center which is top of the line (many major athletes use the facilities) and includes all the typical exercise equipment, strength and conditioning equipment, a pool, and tennis courts. If that isn’t awesome enough, I also can go to the classes that are offered for free!

The days are already going by fast here and I have met so many new and interesting people from around the world! My next post will update you about my classes and possibly the trips I plan on taking but for now I need sleep!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Orientation

  1. awesome! don’t forget to post some photos of your new digs. Some pics of their fitness center would be nice too….may help us in building the one here for McKendree you know! Is it cold there? I can’t wait for you to start classes and hear all about what you’re learning!!

    • Sarah, sorry I am just getting around to responding to you! I have been running a little behind on my blog with everything I have been doing. Actually it hasn’t been too cold here! It has been mostly upper 50s/low 60s! Today (6/22) was the first day it rained since I have been here so it was a little chillier but this coming week is forecasted to be low to mid 60s! Talk about great weather luck! It is so beautiful here and the weather is one of the best things about my trip so far. It is warm in the sun but there is always a nice breeze which makes it really easy to dress comfortably and cute as I am sure you understand!

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