All moved in!

Greetings! Today we had a very busy day! We started off at the Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh then went to the IFSA Butler office for the first section of orientation. We got A TON of information about Scotland’s history and what to expect from Stirling. I also found out which modules I will be taking and they are Psychology of Evil (my first choice yay!) and Issues in Moral Philosophy (which sounds a little daunting but interesting). We took a short break for coffee, tea, and lunch and then we got on a coach (bus) and were on our way to the University of Stirling!

We arrived a day earlier than the rest of the students taking classes so we were able to settle in without too much hassle. The set up is 5 students living in a flat (apartment) sharing a kitchen and bathroom. Everyone has their own bedroom though so that is really nice! The flats also come with kitchen utensils and the rooms with linens (my mom will be pleased to know this). I got my internet all set up and mostly unpacked but I took a break to go into town with some of my group to check it out and go to a local shop. After that we came back to campus, had diner and freshened up a bit.

On the bus into town we met a local girl named Shona and she suggested some pubs to go to and said she might see us out. We went to the first one she suggested and after a few minutes we saw her walk in and she remembered us and came over to chat. She ended up hanging out with us for the rest of the evening and it was fun to experience the pub culture with a local.

Tomorrow we have the morning and afternoon free until 5 pm when Stirling orientation starts. Sunday looks like it will be a busy day as well and then classes start Monday. My classes are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and there are excursions on Thursdays and Fridays (the Friday ones are for the modules you take). Unfortunately, I did not get as lucky as some other students who only have class Tuesday and Wednesday and therefore have a longer weekend to plan trips but I will make so with what I have. Well, it is getting pretty late and I want to get an early start tomorrow so this must be the end of this blog!

4 thoughts on “All moved in!

    • Haha Breanna you are funny! But it is really amazing! Yes, I want to travel around Scotland and then maybe to Ireland but I am not sure on exact plans yet!

  1. you’ll just have to make your travel plans with more organization than the others….good thing you excel at that!!! Glad you have linens, I hope you have a cozy bed too! Were the rest of your flatmates communicating via Facebook? We will have to make sure that makes it onto the “to do” list for students in the future. So happy that you’re there safe and sound! Can’t wait to hear more!!!

    • Yes, I will, luckily there is a travel office on campus with very friendly and helpful staff! Some of my flatmates knew about the Facebook page but not everyone so I wasn’t the only person left out of the loop. But everything now is all worked out and I didn’t miss anything too important but definitely something to let future study abroad students know about.

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